Sunday, June 19, 2005

They had their arms and laps full!

This is my parents in the summer of 1996 with their two youngest grandchildren (mine) and their five oldest great-grandchildren:

My mom is holding their twin great-grandsons, Donovan and Alexander Williams, four and one-half months old; beside her is my son, Andrew, almost 7 years old, holding his little sister, Eler Beth, 6 months old; beside Andrew is their great-granddaughter Summer Clay, 6-1/2 years old; beside Summer is my dad, holding Summer's little sister, Tacie, four months old and another great-granddaughter, Taylor Smith, also four months old.

  This is my dad and Andrew in the Fall of 1990.  Andrew was just over one year old, and he is helping Papaw plant a tree.


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