Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jeff and Eler Dowell

Well, I suppose my story should start with my parents.  So I have put in a picture of them taken with my son, Andrew, when he was two years old.  So that would have been in 1991. 

My father in this picture was 69 years old, just short of 70, and my mother had just turned 68.  I really like looking at them in this picture.  The smiles and the expressions in their eyes are very familiar and precious to me.

My father is Jeff Dowell, Jr., born February 28, 1922 in Breckinridge County Kentucky, near Hardinsburg.  He died May 19, 2002 at the age of 80.  He died peacefully in his sleep at home and is buried less than a mile from that home in Horsely Chapel Cemetery, near his parents and 9 of his 11 brothers and sisters.

My mother is Eler Frances Roberts Dowell, born December 12, 1923 in Breckinridge County Kentucky, near Hardinsburg.  She is 80 years old and still going strong!  I begin her interviews tomorrow and look forward to sharing with my journal her memories.



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